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School Enterprise Challenge (SEC)

Our SEC's competitor team from Eleven Green Club.

Our SEC’s competitor team

Greetings, everyone! In this post we’ll tell you about the global competition we’ve been following lately, School Enterprise Challenge (SEC)! Here’s a little description about it.

As what they’ve said themselves, School Enterprise Challenge is a global competition that creates socially responsible young entrepreneurs and helps students generate profit for their school. The competition was held by School Enterprise, a charity organization which located in London, UK. Our school itself has been following this competition for years and proudly being one of Indonesian representatives as well. Now we’re coming back again! This time we’ve picked hydroponic system as our superior business. You guys must have known what hydroponic is, right? We’ve talked about this system in one of our previous blog posts. Five students out of the Eleven Green Club members have been picked as the SEC’s competitor team, such as Lucy, Nabilah, Niken, Prila, and Nada.

Being one of the competitors in SEC has its own challenges. They gave us many new experiences too! It took us months for us to follow this competition. We had always waited for their e-mails that would brought us to the next step of the challenge. We should take their challenges carefully, because we really want to win this competition. And aside from that, we realized that we’re representing our own school and Indonesia too. We surely don’t want to disappoint them so we worked really hard on this.

During all of our hard works, we’ve been awarded as the winner of SEC’s blog competition. One of our blog posts which informing about recycle crafts has been featured on their Facebook Page as well. We’re so glad and grateful to know all these! And now we just have to wait for the final announcement as to who will be the winner of this whole SEC competition. Hopefully we can get the best results for us, and we will work even harder from now on.

By this post, we’re telling you that even a student can be a young entrepreneur too. Entrepreneurship skills are obviously needed in this modern era, and to be a great entrepreneur in the future, all you have to do is study hard and be a good student! Fighting! We’ll see you later, guys. Xx

Trash Bank

When we talk about trash, people usually do not think the trashes are include into organic or unorganic one. Even some people still do not know kinds of trashes. Societies also still do not care where those trahes will be gone. Consequently, household waste mixed with others million kinds of waste which will cause many problems in Indonesia. Millions of tons are produced everyday and those are piled up in final disposal. Who’s fault? And what should we do?

All about trashes problems are not only government’s responsibility but also our responsibility. We have to responsible to the trahes which have our produced daily. Trash Bank is one of solution to decrease amount of trashes. Trash Bank makes ‘trash to be something that has economic value’

At SMAN 11, we see a lot of trashes which produced everyday. Bottle, cup, plastic, paper, etc. All those trashes are getting better if they are recycled. Therefore, it’s time to manage trashes from now. We plan to start Trash Bank on January 2015. We, Eleven Green Club, have been working on together with Pundi Sampah Bandung (Trash Bank Company).

And how Trash Bank works? It is the same as usual bank. Like a bank, we can open account at Trash Bank. Regurarly, we can fill our saving with unorganic trashes that be pondered and given a monetary value, as fit as price which has been determined by Trash Bank staff. For instance, for plastic bottle trashes, the cost is IDR 2000/kg.

In November 25, 2014, we did sosialization at school hall with each class’ representations. We invited Mr. Danar, leader of Pundi Sampah Bandung as a speaker. This sosialization is purposed for students know this program so this can be runed well.



 Mr. Danar as speaker, Questions and Answers with the student


 Chairman of each class watch the powerpoint

We give book saving and card slip (stamp) for each class. Book saving contains date, kinds of trashes, weight of trashes, etc. Each classes have manager who usually held by chairman of class or person who can be activator. This manager should be a responsible person. We give them 3 trash bags for each class (1st trash bag: bottle, 2nd trash bag: cup, 3rd trash bag: paper). Why we choose those kinds of trashes? Because, 3 kinds of those trashes are most trashes which are getting waste daily at our school, and they have high sell price. Collecting trashes from each classes to Trash Bank is done twice a week so trashes won’t be piled up, which days: Monday and Thursday. Result of collecting those trashes (money) will be given for each class appropiate with their saving note. And we will also give reward to a class which active saving trashes 🙂


Saving Book, contains: date, kinds of trashes, weight of trashes, etc.

This Trash Bank has a lot of benefits for our school and students. We want this social enterprise can help government to handle trash problems, and also gives benefit for local people. People usually do not really want to collect trashes, unless it has intensive economy. So, Trash Bank is an effective way to invite people to care about their own trashes which produced.

Top 100 GPS Active School Certificate


Niken, Lucy, Devita and Mrs. Dedeh received a certificate.


Take a photo with PRABU (New Icon of Bandung City)

Sunday, Dec 14 2014, SMAN 11 received Top 100 GPS Active School Certificate from Bandung government. GPS “Gerakan Pungut Sampah” (Collect Trashes Action) is a newest Bandung program to make Bandung to be a clean, health, and comfort city.

GPS is done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On those days, every societies must collect trashes around them—street, field, park, house. For students, we collect the trashes at school like classes, canteen, lab, etc. We usually make GPS schedule for each classes. For instance, on this Monday GPS is done by Science Class, on this Wednesday is done by Social Class, and on this Friday is done by Language Class.

We think, this action is great because when we do the GPS, we are competing to take photos when do that action then we will send the photos via twitter and mention to mayor’s official account, Bandung Clean Action, and GPS Bandung. And because of the liveliness in this action, our local government give appreciate to our school. Such a good pleasure for us.

On Monday of conferment, we met with others GPS active schools. On this occasion, our mayor Ridwan Kamil came and gave speech, also he was launching GPS 2 program. This GPS 2, is a developement program from latest GPS (collect trashes action) to be GPS 2 (sorting trashes action). So we do not only collect the trashes but also sorting the trashes into two kind of dustbin: organic trashes and unorganic trashes. In the future our city will try to manage trashes to be something useful. Our mayor said, next Bandung societies are be able to exchange trashes which have recycled to PLN (Electricity Company). On this way, the societies can payelectric fee monthly with their trashes.

GPS and GPS 2 programs is wished can change local societies’ habbit to be better, and aware them for caring environment.

Launch Event “It’s Ok to be Galau”

Hello guys! In Dec, 17 2014, we launched an event “It’s OK to be Galau” with Indofood Company in our school. This event started from 9 AM, was opened by flashmob of students. What an amazing opening! All of students danced–with the happines in their face. And the sun shining more brightly as a way to welcome this event.

Why did we choose that theme? The word ‘Galau’ means anxious/depression. Teenagers’ life like us, is a teenage phase which a transition from children to be adults. Theoritical pshychologist G. Stanley Hall said, “adolescence is a time of ‘storm and stress’.” is a phase where big change happens physically, intellectually, and emotionally to someone causes sadness and hesitancy. So, It’s Ok To Be Galau! we thought they would be interested and participated in this event.

In this event, there are some performs from each extracurricular like Modern Dance, Nuansa Cabaret, etc. Each classes were given to participated in Singing Sad Song on stage.


                              Modern Dance Perform


                        Nuansa Cabaret Shows “Ayah”


                 One of students who sing a Sad Song.

And…. We opened a hydroponic vegetabels stand in hydroponic park area, because of selling change system, customers can buy hydroponic vegetables directly with choosing which one will be wanted and they can harvest with themselves.




                      Our stand at Hydroponic Garden 

Such a good and fun day, because our vegetables were sold and that event was run successfully! Thanks who have participated.